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It’s hard not to preach because when you feel the way you feel, you want other people to feel that same way

I sit down with the one and only Bruce Namenson. Bruce is the founder of Healthy Truth and Organic Living Superfoods, two premier raw plant-based packaged food brands. Bruce also makes all of the TB12 packaged food products. That’s right, the GOAT himself, now six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady 🏈🏈🏈 trusts Bruce to produce his plant-based products

That’s how incredible and high-quality all of the products Bruce is behind. We talk about Bruce’s personal health journey and all about Healthy Truth. We talk about their mission, their product line, how they source ingredients from all over the world, and much more. I can personally tell you, as a plant-based food snob, I loved all these products. They’re raw, clean, and amazingly flavorful, right up my alley. My personal favorite is the buffalo ranch nut clusters! Here at North country organic Foods a distributor of healthy truth organic living Superfood. We are proud to partner up with this great Company. The high quality of this plant-based product It’s truly incredible. Also, to be associated with Tom Brady🏈🏈🏈 The goat it is truly an honor. Come join us on this journey of Healthy eating and healthy living.🍎🍓🥕🥑

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